8 Most Expensive $999.99 Apps For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

The Apple App Store is one of the best mobile application stores in the industry. There are more than 6,50,000 apps for games, business, education, and more.

Reports indicate that some 28 percent of apps in Apple’s App Store are free compared to Google Play which has only 57 percent of free apps. There are both paid and free apps for different devices ranging from iPhone to iPad and beyond.

Did you know? Apple’s App Store features some of the most expensive apps, those that are even costlier than the 64 GB versions of iPad 3 and iPhone 4S. In fact the highest priced $829 64 GB third generation iPad which comes with Wi-Fi and Cellular data network even costs lesser than the apps mentioned below.

Here is a look at 8 expensive apps that are priced at $999.99. The costliest choices of the App Store listed below are mostly compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

VIP Black:
The VIP Black app is considered to be the most exclusive among the bunch of expensive apps in the world. The premium lifestyle application for iPhone gives access to luxury services like cars, nightclubs, private jets, VIP lounges and private islands. With full access of the app, members will be treated like VIPs across their partner venues and can receive invitations to exclusive VIP evenings. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later versions.

Agro app is designed for those having interest in soil management and field crop production.An agronomist can use this app to create and email field inspection reports based on chemicals, crops and pests while in the farm. The app also helps in distributing the information without the need of typing the collected data. Hundreds of reports can be filed for different agronomy fields. Agro app works with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iOS 4.3 and above version is required to support it.

MobiGage NDI:
MobiGage NDI is a customized solution that works directly with NDI systems without the MobiBox hardware. It also works with all the other measurement devices through a MobiBox. This app is specially designed to be used for inspection of manufactured and assembled parts. It allows users to create, edit and run measurement plans. There are options like create plan, run, report, connect and setup. Dimensions, alignments macros and more features makes it a science that deals with measurement. It is one of the world’s first hands-free wireless metrology application-Niko iGPS. The app can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and requires iOS 3.0 and above versions.

The app.cash is a professional application that transforms the supported device into a cash register. It can be a point-of-sale terminal that can verify and process credit card transactions, and orders can be placed via roc4iPhone. The transactions log that are stored throughout the day can be transfered through iTunes. The app can also determine price and tax separately. The supported printers include Epson TM-T88IV WLAN and Epson TM-T88V WLAN. This app works with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and requires iOS 5 version or later to support it.

vueCAD Pro:
VueCAD Pro brings alive the computer-aided design (CAD) which assists in the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of a design. CAD app generally uses vector based graphics to depict the objects of traditional drafting and it can produce raster graphics showing the overall appearance of designed objects. To make plain, the app increases the productivity of a designer by improvising quality of a design. Further, it also improves communication through documentation and helps in creating a database for manufacturing.

3D visualization and markup works well with vueCAD Pro app. In fact after the finalization of the model, users can load it directly from a website, an FTP location, through a third party service such as DropBox, import through iTunes or can be sent as an attachment in an email. The app can be connected to a TV or any external screen for presentation to control the view and markup on the external screen from iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. iOS 4.3 and above supports the app.

This app is specially for football fans out there. QSFFStats helps users keep track of flag football leagues. One can attach the stats to email and view them. Also users can set games according to their location, fields, dates and times. The app requires iOS 3.0 and above versions.

Intuition Control Solo (ICS) WolfVision :
The app takes visual presentation to next level. Wolfvision is a leading manufacturer of high end visualizer machines. The app helps in controlling the WolfVision visualizers. The video conferencing on the visualizer machine can be controlled by ICS WolfVision offering an intuitive user interface. Simply speaking, visual methods are more understandable as it can be viewed through images than trying to figure out what is being told. The visualizers from WolfVision is generally used in training, education, meetings, conferences, product presentations, displaying evidence in court rooms etc. In fact the app makes an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch a remote control that enhances the experience of visualizers. The app is available separately for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. iOS 3.2 and above is required for using the app.

BarMax CA or BarMax NY:
BarMax app was designed for law students who need assistance for their bar exams. The app contains videos which were co-developed with Harvard lawyers and comprises of lectures, flashcards, more than a thousand MBE practice questions, a task list feature, a calendar, among others. BarMax CA is a comprehensive California bar exam review course while BarMax NY is for New York. The app is compatible with iOS 4.0 and above versions.

Now that we have mentioned the 8 expensive apps, it is fitting here to also mention a $999.99 app available only for iPad. The Alchemist SMS is a Scrap Management System that helps steel and scrap industry workers with tools necessary to achieve reductions in raw material costs. “The program will design a Charge mix that is selected from the user’s available inventory of metal scrap to meet the user’s desired molten metal chemistries,” states the listing at the App Store.


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